In the olive paradise

After some complications we finally arrived in Abruzzo, our third home and the olive paradise, last Monday. We’ve been around as usual and I’ve taken some nice photos. This is what I see when I go for my walks. Olive trees everywhere. I love it! Going for walks around these either in the morning or after lunch is extremely peaceful and quiet, exactly what I need.

Autumn… or not

Last year I did a discovery, after 20 years in the south. I wait every year for the pretty autumn colours to show up, but they rarely do – simply because we don’t get any. It doesn’t happen.
I can’t tell you why exactly but probably because it’s warmer here for longer time, compared to further north. And after the first frost nights, storms usually come to take all the leaves away before the colours show up.

Last year I did take some nice photos of trees with yellow leaves, but that was about it, and I decided to go north for a week or so in the autumn. Now, we’re going to Italy instead. There is actually hope for nice autumn photography there… we’ll see. Otherwise I will just, as usual, enjoy other people’s autumn pictures.

At least our neighbours have a huge maple tree, and it spills lots of its leaves in our garden.

maple leaf

Welcome back!

Hello beautiful people!
I’ve had many rounds now with the “blogging project”. Now all sites have been down for a while and I’ve asked myself tons of questions. Do I still want to do blog? Is there a point with doing it? Do I like doing it? What platform is the best? And so on..

I do like blogging and running my own websites. But some time back, I was fed up with WordPress, the constant maintenance to keep hackers away and all that. I found Bludit, a small nice CMS, and loved it. I had the privilege to have access to a brilliant programmer for a while, when he was a trainee(ish), and he built me a very well functioning comment system for Bludit. I also built some very nice themes. Then they did some work on it and have released some beta versions that have some big modifications, so if they go on with this, future versions will be completely incompatible with my themes and the comment system, and I was back to square one.

Now I would like to get back to blogging, for various reasons, and my sister inspired me to go back to WordPress. Recently I’ve been learning WordPress multisite, and with that feature I can use WordPress for several sites without too much hassle, so here I am!

My plan is to share photos here. I went back to my old domain name for two reasons:

First of all 1. It was available for testing without waiting for nameservers to propagate.
And 2. I actually like this one better for my blog. I’m not quite ready to put the word “photography” in my domain name yet, because I feel too “amateur-ish”. And don’t worry – it was too much fiddling about to install multisite and make everything work, so I’m not going to change my mind.

But welcome to my new site!